Veckans fotograf / Photographer of the week 6 2014

Frank Doorhof

Som kanske har framgått sedan tidigare så lyssnar jag ofta på POD sändningar medinnehåll som speglar mina intressen och i högsta grad fotografering. Denna vecka har jag hittat en fotograf via en POD med namnet, Digital Photo Experience. Frank Doorhof bosatt i Holland är en fotograf med många inriktningar så som Fine art och Mode men också Street och Porträtt. Kolla Franks webbsida och varför inte ta en sväng till,

Frank was born on May 6th 1971 in Amsterdam.

His parents and grandparents were very active with photography and film, so Frank was already in contact with photography and film at a very young age. Especially his grandfather had a deep impact on him and inspired him from the start to pick up photography.
At a young age the whole family moved to the NoordOostPolder, now part of Flevoland. A wonderful area of the Netherlands with great nature and lots of photo opportunities. 

At the start nature and sports were the primary interests and especially animals in motion were a subject that was photographed with passion, this passion for movement became later a prime subject in the model photography. After many years of shooting analogue mainly as a hobby Frank picked up video and completely switched to the video side of imaging. At that moment he had started a computer company together with his wife Annewiek and they were living in Zwolle.

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Photo by Frank Doorhof

Photo by Frank Doorhof